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Soak up the spirit of Bohuslän

Bohuslän is the name of our sublime stretch of coastline that extends from Gothenburg to the border with Norway and is dotted with an archipelago of some 8,000 islands and islets.


Despite the fact we according to CNN live right in the middle of one of the last great wildernesses in the world we never get enough of traveling around here ourselves. We have been doing this since we were kids, so we have gathered some experience.

When we travel here, we always use our own boat as there is simply no better way to experience the archipelago. And as of 2022 we can do it feeling environmentally good about it as well thanks to our new boat, Granit, and the fact that she runs on completely fossil free fuel.

So, if you've ever fantasized about gliding silently through the water on a kayak, sun-bathing on deserted beaches, enjoying the long summer evenings, spotting seals, and soaking up the spirit of the sea, you'll find no shortage of experiences here.​

We love adventures, challenges, and beautiful nature, and at the same time we believe life is too short for sub-standard hotels or poor restaurants. And as we are hotel- and restaurant owners ourselves, we are quite picky…

With this in mind, we have put together an experience package for you that we believe is hard to beat and we call it Archipelago Select. It is a private boat service where we connect some of our own favourite destinations, hotels, restaurants, and activities and combine them into a premium package.

Welcome to soak up the spirit of Bohuslän with us!

Milla & Klas Wimmerstedt

Archipelago Select, Käringön

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