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Despite the fact we live on Käringön we also love traveling around in our beautiful corner of the world - the archipelago of Bohuslän.

Many of our guests at Lotshotellet also combine visiting us with visiting some other places along the coast. It is actually not easy at all to go island-hopping here unless you can go with your own boat like we do when we travel around here.


We looked at what cruise lines like Göta Kanal and Hurtigruten are doing and decided to seek some inspiration from this, but at the same time modify this concept as we believe staying at different hotels and eating at different restaurants is actually quite nice rather than staying on the same ship all the time.

Instead our concept is to offer a boat service where we connect all our own favourite destinations, hotels, restaurants and activities and combine this into a premium package - Archipelago Select.

As we are hotel- and restaurant owners ourselves, we are quite picky and we know this is also the case for many of our guests at Lotshotellet. So we decided to create a package without compromises. We have talked to our colleagues and friends at our own favourite hotels and restaurants along the coast about our ideas and they were all as thrilled as we are about the concept.

We wanted the best rooms of the best hotels at the best destinations. As summers here can be quite busy we also needed to secure the best tables at the best restaurants for our guests - this is also not easy when you try to do this yourself.

But we didn’t want any pre-set menus for our guests. You have to be able to choose whatever you want from the regular menu of the restaurant. Activities that we love doing ourselves should of course also be possible to experience along the way.

Klas & Milla Wimmerstedt


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