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Not all who wander are lost


Welcome and join us for a wonderful four-day boat trip where you’ll experience the best Bohuslän has to offer.


The boat trip begins in Gothenburg and continues north with several stops at beautiful islands and fishing villages, where we have selected the best hotels, restaurants, and experiences and put it all in a very nice package for you.

This tour has a price of 19,500 SEK per person.

The price includes hotel accommodation in double room and breakfast for 3 nights, 3 lunches, 3 three-course dinners and all boat transfers. Most of the activities at the different destinations are also included in the price.

The travel to/from Gothenburg is not included in the price as well as drinks and other expenditures.

You book here and the amount is payable 3 days prior to departure. You can cancel free of charge until 90 days prior to departure. Please also see our detailed travel conditions.

Day 1
Gothenburg - Marstrand

Departure 12.30

Day 2
Marstrand - Klädesholmen

Departure 14.00

Day 3
Klädesholmen - Käringön
Departure 14.20

Day 4
Käringön - Göteborg

Departure 9.30

You’ll be picked up by our fast and environm­ent­ally friendly boat, ‘Granit’, at Lilla Bommen in Gothenburg harbour. The tour begins at a moderate pace as we pass through the harbour, under the Älvsborgs Bridge and past the Älvsborg Fortress. From there the speed hastens and we continue northwards through the Gothenburg archipelago and towards Sweden’s sailing capital, Marstrand.

Weather permitting, we’ll take the outer route via Sillesund. During more windy conditions, we instead take the more sheltered path through Albrektsunds channel.


Upon arrival at Marstrand, we check in to the newly renovated Kurhotellet, and follow with lunch at Societetshuset just beside the hotel.

The afternoon is spent with a guided tour of Carlstens Fortress where you will hear stories, among others, about Lasse-Maja – the thief in women’s clothing. During the early evening, you may choose to stroll around the posh quarters, or perhaps enjoy a drink and people-watching on the quay.


In the evening, you’re welcome to savour a three-course dinner famous Johan’s Krog.

Start your morning by dressing in the hotel’s bathrobe and stroll down to the swimming pier right by the hotel. After a morning dip, you’re ready for breakfast!


The best way to spend the morning is to walk the lovely and varied trail around the island of Marstrand. Take your time for swimming stops and detours along the way, as there are plenty of interesting things to see.

We welcome to enjoy a lunch in Grand Hotel’s classic restaurant, which is quite suitably called ‘Tenan’ – a ‘tena’ is a cage used to catch crabs or lobster.


After lunch at you’ll be picked up again with our boat for further travel towards Klädesholmen, Sweden’s undisputed herring (‘sill’) paradise, where you’ll step right into the floating hotel Salt & Sill. 


We suggest you begin your time in Klädesholmen with a short visit to the museum ‘Sillebua’ – can you guess what it’s about? There’s plenty of time to rent bicycles and take a trip to Skärhamn, where you can visit the Nordic Akvarell Museum.

In the evening it’s time for another delicious dinner, this day at the hotel’s own gourmet restaurant. Naturally, there is the chance to experience a herring and ‘snaps’ tasting for those who are interested.

Not all hotels can boast their own swimming ladder descending directly from your room, so a morning dip before breakfast may well be considered obligatory.


If you don’t choose to just relax at the hotel, swimming and sunbathing throughout the morning, there is also time to choose between two pleasant excursions – at least if you plan to wake up a bit earlier, since you can count on both tours taking up the most part of the morning.


One alternative is to cycle to the fantastic sculpture park Pilane, while the second option is the visit the islands Åstol and Dyrön. There are fantastic hiking trails on Dyrön (some of them quite challenging), and stunning views over the archipelago are guaranteed.

Regardless of how you spend your morning, you are welcome to the restaurant for lunch or optionally you have brought a lunch package from the hotel.


It’s then time to jump on board ‘Granit’ again to travel onwards to Käringön – the genuine and beautiful island on the outskirts of the archipelago.


The trip begins with us winding our way through Jungfruhålet, past Skärhamn and continuing through Kyrkesund, Mollösund, and Kråksunds Gap – some highlights of Bohuslän. As usual, your skipper will share their knowledge about the sights along the way. 


At Lotshotellet you’ll be met by Klas and Milla, who will assist you with check-in and invite you for a coffee and treat (‘fika’) at the hotel’s restaurant, Crêperiet. The hotel’s dock is reserved for you as a guest. You can make plans for the afternoon and then take your time to explore the island and all the fantastic swimming spots.

The evening is rounded off with a three-course meal at the mythical Petersons Krog, which in recent years won the White Guide’s prize for the best overall experience among all of Sweden's restaurants. Finally, enjoy a good night’s rest in comfortable beds.

Continue the tradition of taking a morning dip from the hotel’s pier before enjoying breakfast right there on the hotel’s dock. The view over Käringöfjord is so breath-taking, it can be difficult to concentrate on your scrambled eggs, smoothie, and waffles with cloudberry jam and whipped cream.


After breakfast, you’ll board the boat for the last time to travel back to Gothenburg. We adapt our route to the weather and wind, but always aim to make time for a short coffee stop along the way. You’ll be dropped off back at Lilla Bommen at around noon.

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