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Meet Granite!

We have been running a boat taxi service for many years now. As of 2022 we have a brand new boat and we have equipped her with a strong engine from Oxe Marine running on fossil free and bio-degradable fuel (!!!)

When you look at the boat it's hard to believe that we talk about boat with a truly green environmental profile. Her name is Granit, the Swedish word for granite - the most common type of rock here in Bohuslän.

Thanks to the new technology we have reduced our emissions of green-house gases by around 94% compared to our previous boat! In fact we are a test-pilot for Oxe Marine.

Thanks to this the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has helped to financially sponsor our boat!


You can choose to sit either inside in the comfortable cabin or outside for a maximised experience. 

Our certified and experienced skippers always make sure you get a safe and pleasant cruise with us. Security is important and the boat is in fact unsinkable, but of course we have safety vests and all other types of security equipment on board including a defibrillator.

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